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Barracuda BR48138 - Typhoon and Tempest Series I Wheel Set Barracuda BR48150 - Hawker Tempest Mainwheels (Smooth Tread) Barracuda BR48151 - British 4-Slot 32" Mainwheels (Block Tread)
Barracuda BR48397 - Hawker Tempest Seat with Belts Barracuda BR48398 - Hawker Tempest V, VI Exhausts Barracuda BR48399 - Hawker Tempest V Corrected de Havilland Spinner
Barracuda BR48401 - Hawker Tempest Corrected Intake Set Barracuda BR48402 - Hawker Tempest Series I Mainwheels Barracuda BR48403 - Hawker Tempest Late Mainwheels - Smooth
Barracuda BR48404 - Hawker Tempest Late Mainwheels - Block Tread Barracuda BR48424 - Hawker Tempest Ailerons and Elevators Master AM48133 - Hawker Tempest Mk V Early Hispano Cannons in Fairings
Master AM48134 - Hawker Tempest Mk II/V/VI and Hawker Sea Fury Cannon Tips & Pitot Tube MDC CV48011 - Tempest II MDC CV48012 - Tempest VI
MDC CV48011 - Tempest II
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MDC CV48012 - Tempest VI
Canadian Dollars:
Ultracast 48072 - Hawker Typhoon /Tempest Seats (with Mid-Late War "Q" Type Harness) Ultracast 48178 Hawker Typhoon/Tempest Seats (without Harness) Vector VDS48-123 - Hawker Tempest Mk V Correction Set