Speed Hunter 48027 - 5th Gen Viper Stencils
Speed Hunter 48027 - 5th Gen Viper Stencils
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The new 5th Generation Have Glass paint scheme has slowly begun replacing the traditional three-tone camouflage pattern on USAF F-16s, making for a very attractive Viper. This sheet, printed by Cartograf of Italy, allows the modeler to build nearly any F-16 in the new scheme, and includes all necessary decals for the entire airframe. Decals are supplied for the airframe, fuel tanks, LITENING targeting pod, ejection seat, missile rails, and weapons pylons. In addition, many wing/squadron badges are included, as are many tail code options. Finally, enough serial numbers are provided to build any USAF F-16C/D.

Notice that this sheet is NOT designed to be specific to any one single aircraft, squadron, or wing. It is merely meant to provide stencil data for a wide variety of options.