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Barracuda BR48024 - Griffon Spitfire Rocker Cover Fairings Barracuda BR48025 - Mk. 22/24 Carburetor Intake Barracuda BR48026 - Griffon Spitfire 5-Blade Prop (Late)
Barracuda BR48027 - Spitfire 22, Seafire 47 Control Surfaces Barracuda BR48028 - Spitfire Camera Bay inserts Barracuda BR48047 - Seafire FR. 47 Contra Prop Blades
Barracuda BR48092 - Spitfire Mk XIX Tubular Exhausts Barracuda BR48093 - Spitfire Mk XIX 5-Blade Prop (Tapered) Barracuda BR48094 - Spitfire Mk XIX Seamless Carburetor Intake
Barracuda BR48095 - Spitfire Mk XIX Cockpit Upgrade Barracuda BR48096 - Spitfire Mk XIX Vacform Canopy Barracuda BR48097 - Spitfire 3-Slot Wheels (Circumferential Tread)
Barracuda BR48194 - Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX Snapshot Cockpit Upgrade Barracuda BR48195 - Spitfire Mk. VII Snapshot Cockpit Upgrade Barracuda BR48197 - Spitfire Mk. XVI Snapshot Cockpit Upgrade
Barracuda BR48317 - Spitfire Four Slot Mainwheels Barracuda BR48318 - Spitfire Four Slot Block Tread Mainwheels Barracuda BR48445 - Spitfire Mk. I - IX Five Slot Mainwheels
Barracuda BR48446 - Spitfire Five Slot Z-Block Mainwheels Barracuda BR48447 - Spitfire Mk. I - IX Five Slot Covered Mainwheels Barracuda BR48476 - Spitfire Mk V Cockpit Snapshot Upgrade
Barracuda BR48505 - Spitfire Early Style Control Column Barracuda BR48506 - Spitfire Late Style Control Column Brengun BRL48002 - Spitfire Mk VII Conversion Set (for Hasegawa Spitfire Mk VIII & IX)
Brengun BRL48004 - British 500 lb Bomb with Rack for Spitfire CMK 4126 - Spitfire Armament Type E Set (fits Hasegawa kits) Fusion 4801 - DB605 Engine Conversion Kit for Spitfire Fighter
Master AM48003 - Supermarine Spitfire Vb Hispano 20mm Cannons in Fairings Master AM48004 - Supermarine Spitfire C Wing Hispano 20mm Cannons in Fairings (two versions) Master AM48005 - Supermarine Spitfire E Wing Early Hispano 20mm & .50 caliber in Fairings (two versions)