Furball F/D&S-4816 - Colors and Markings of the US Navy Tomcats, Part VIII
Furball F/D&S-4816 - Colors and Markings of the US Navy Tomcats, Part VIII
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This decal is printed by Cartograf.

Using the excellent references available to Furball from Detail & Scale, they continue to crank out another F-14 set for the incredible 1/48 Tamiya F-14. This time they tackled ten different overall Gull Gray Tomcats from the 1980s:

  • VF-1, F-14A 161274, NE-100, USS Kittyhawk, 1983. (Wolfpack CAG jet with black markings)
  • VF-2, F-14A 161443, NE-200, USS Ranger, 1987. (Bounty Hunters’ CAG jet with gray markings and small full color skull insignia on the tail)
  • VF-11, F-14A 161855, AE-111, USS Forrestal, 1987. (Red Rippers’ line jet with large Battle “E” and Safety “S” on the rudders)
  • VF-11, F-14A 161855, AE-101, USS Forrestal, 1990. (Red Rippers’ CO jet with rare “Boars Head” markings on the nose
  • VF-14, F-14A 162691, AC-101, USS John F. Kennedy, 1989. (Tophatters’ CO jet with 70th Anniversary markings)
  • VF-24, F-14 159593, NG-200, USS Constellation, 1982. (Renegades’ CAG jet with gloss black tails with red markings)
  • VF-102, F-14A 162704, AB-102, USS America, 1991. (Diamondbacks’ CO jet with full color tail markings)
  • VF-101, F-14A 161855, AD-154, NAS Oceana, 1986. (Grim Reapers’ jet with special 75th Anniversary of Naval Aviation tail markings)
  • VF-142, F-14A 162699, AG-201, USS Eisenhower, 1987. (Ghostriders’ CO jet “Reaper” logo on the tails
  • VF-194, F-14A 161270 (TARPS), NM-201, NAS Miramar, 1988 (Rare Red Lightnings’ CO jet with “Playing Card” insignia on the tail.