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Barracuda BR48041 - Hawker Typhoon Bubble Top Cockpit Set Barracuda BR48042 - Hawker Typhoon Intake and Exhausts Barracuda BR48138 - Typhoon and Tempest Series I Wheel Set
Brengun BRL48049 - Typhoon Air Intake Mesh Master AM48082 - Hawker Typhoon Mk IB Early Type Cannons with Uncovered Barrels (4 pcs) Master AM48083 - Hawker Typhoon Mk IB Late Type Cannons with Covered Barrels (4 pcs)
Brengun BRL48049 - Typhoon Air Intake Mesh
Canadian Dollars:
Red Roo RRR48170 - Hawker Typhoon 1B Tropical Conversion Ultracast 48018 - Hawker Typhoon Seats (with Sutton Harness) Ultracast 48056 - Hawker Typhoon Control Surfaces (fits Hasegawa kits)
Ultracast 48057 - Hawker Typhoon Exhausts (fits Hasegawa kits) Ultracast 48058 - Hawker Typhoon Radiator (replaces Hasegawa Part #A2) Ultracast 48059 - Hawker Typhoon Radiator with Dust Filter (replaces Hasegawa Part #A2)
Ultracast 48072 - Hawker Typhoon /Tempest Seats (with Mid-Late War "Q" Type Harness) Ultracast 48073 - Hawker Typhoon Wheels Ultracast 48074 - Hawker Typhoon 4-Blade Propeller & Spinner (fits Hasegawa kits)
Ultracast 48073 - Hawker Typhoon Wheels
Canadian Dollars:
Ultracast 48080 - Hawker Typhoon Tempest Tailplanes (fits Hasegawa Typhoon kits) Ultracast 48178 Hawker Typhoon/Tempest Seats (without Harness) Ultracast 48237 - Hawker Typhoon Tail Wheel Well (fits Hasegawa kits)