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Barracuda BR32001 - Spitifre Seat with Leather Backpad Barracuda BR32002 - Spitifre Cockpit Door with Separate Crowbar Barracuda BR32003  -Spitifre Cockpit Upgrade Set Barracuda BR32004 - Spitifre IX Rocker Covers with Logos
Barracuda BR32005 - Spitifre 5-Slot Mainwheels Barracuda BR32006 - Spitifre 4-Slot Mainwheels Barracuda BR32007 - Spitifre Gun Covers with Wide Blister Barracuda BR32008 - Spitifre Starboard Cockpit Sidewall
Barracuda BR32009 - Spitifre Z-Block 5-Slot Mainwheels Barracuda BR32010 - Spitifre Z-Block 4-Slot Mainwheels Barracuda BR32011 - Spitifre Cockpit Upgrade Set, Part II Barracuda BR32104 - Spitifre 3-Slot Wheels - Circumferential Tread
Barracuda BR32172 - Spitifre Mk I-V Resin Seat with Backpad Barracuda BR32173 - Spitifre Mk I-V Cockpit Door (no crowbar) Barracuda BR32174 - Spitifre Mk I-V Cockpit Upgrade Set Barracuda BR32175 - Spitifre Mk I/II Wing Correction Set
Barracuda BR32176 - Spitifre Mk I-V Five Slot Mainwheels Barracuda BR32319 - Spitfire 4-Slot Block Tread Mainwheels Barracuda BR32335 - Spitfire 4-Slot Mainwheels Barracuda BR32336 - Spitfire Mk IX Seat w Backpad & Armor
Barracuda BR32338 - Spitfire Mk IX Cockpit Door w Crowbar Barracuda BR32339 - Spitfire Mk IX Cockpit Snapshot Upgrade Eagle Editions 070-032 - Spitfire Rotol Spinner and Blades Eagle Editions 071-032 - Spitfire Mk I and Mk II Oil Cooler
Master AM32011 - British Mk 2 Browning .303 caliber (7.7mm) with Flash Hider (2 pcs) Master AM32012 - British Mk 2 Browning .303 caliber (7.7mm) without Booster & Flash Hider (2 pcs) Master AM32016 - Supermarine Spitfire C Wing - Hispano 20mm Cannons in Fairings (fits Tamiya kits) Master AM32017 - Supermarine Spitfire C Wing - Hispano 20mm Cannons in Fairings (fits Pacific Coast Models kits)
Master AM32018 - Supermarine Spitfire B Wing - Hispano 20mm Cannons in Fairings (fits Hasegawa & Hobby Boss kits) Master AM32019 - Supermarine Spitfire E Wing Early - Hispano 20mm & .50 cal in Fairings Master AM32020 - Supermarine Spitfire E Wing Late - Hispano 20mm & .50 cal in Fairings Master AM32021 - Supermarine Spitfire Revised Wing (Mk 21/24) - Hispano 20mm Cannons in Fairings
Master AM32081 - Spitfire Mk. IXe / XVIe Early Version (conical fairings) Master AM32082 - Spitfire Mk. IXe / XVIe Late Version (rounded fairings) Master Details 32016 - Spitfire Mk II Horizontal Tail Surfaces Master Details 32069 - Spitfire Mk II Landing Gear
Master Details 32070 - Merlin Engine Early Exhausts for Spitfire and Hurricane RB-Productions RB-P32022 - Spitfire Mk VIII, IX & XVI Radiators