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Barracuda BR32012 - P-51D Mustang Cockpit Sidewalls Barracuda BR32014 - P-51D Mustang Cockpit Upgrade Barracuda BR32029 - P-51 Mustang Diamond Tread Tires
Barracuda BR32030 - P-51 Mustang Oval Tread Pattern Tires Barracuda BR32031 - P-51 Mustang Octagonal Tread Tires Barracuda BR32032 - P-51 Mustang Block Tread Tires
Barracuda BR32034 - P-51 Mustang Mainwheel Hubs Barracuda BR32163 - P-51D Mustang Late Seat (no belts) Barracuda BR32164 - P-51D Mustang Late Seat (with belts)
Barracuda BR32380 - P-51 Mustang Diamond Tread Mainwheels Barracuda BR32381 - P-51 Mustang Block Tread Mainwheels Hussar HSR-32001 - P-51 Mustang Standard Tread Wheels
Hussar HSR-32002 - P-51 Mustang Block Tread Wheels Hussar HSR-32003 - P-51 Mustang Square Tread wheels Hussar HSR-32004 - P-51 Mustang Diamond Tread A wheels
Hussar HSR-32005 - P-51 Mustang Diamond Tread B wheels Hussar HSR-32006 - P-51 Mustang Octagonal Tread Wheels Hussar HSR-32007 - P-51 Mustang Oval Tread Wheels
Hussar HSR-32008 - P-51 Mustang Cross Tread Wheels Master AM32100 - P-51D Mustang Armament & Gunsight Detail Set Master AM32116 - US WWII Pitot Tube ("Shark-fin" Type Probe)
Model Monkey - P-51 Mustang and A-36 Apache Bomb Racks, early Model Monkey - P-51 Mustang Hollow Exhausts with Shrouds (1/32 scale) Model Monkey - Radio SCR-522-A (TR.5043) for P-51 Mustang, P-38 Lightning, etc.
Red Roo RRR32004 - SCR 695 IFF Radio and Inertia Switch Mount for RAAF NAA P-51D and CAC Mustangs Red Roo RRR32005 - P-51K Auxilliary Air Intake Dust Shield Red Roo RRR32007 - Hamilton Standard Paddle Blades
Red Roo RRR32009 - Aeroproducts Needle Blades Vector VDS32-008 - P-51A Cockpit Set (fits Hobbycraft kits) Vector VDS32-010 - A-36A Cockpit Set (fits Hobbycraft kits)