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Eagle Editions EP50-32 - Fw 190 A-9 Conversion Fan & Cowl
Eagle Editions EP50-32 - Fw 190 A-9 Conversion Fan & Cowl
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Fits Hasegawa Fw 190 A-8 kit.

Initially the Fw 190 A-8 was equipped with the BMW 801 D-2 engine with the 12 bladed cooling fan. In July 1944, the 801 D-2 was beginning to be replaced by the BMW 801 TU with a 14 bladed cooling fan, as an interim engine until the more powerful BMW 801 TS or TH engine could be built in quantity. All three engines had the 14 bladed cooling fan. With the TS or TH engine the Fw 190 A-8 airframe became an A-9.

The standard A-8 was equipped with a 6.5 mm armored cowl ring. With the new BMW 801 TU, TS and TH engine, a new 10 mm cowl ring was required along with the 14 bladed cooling fan. In this set, the 14 bladed cooling fan and 10 mm cowl ring is supplied to convert the standard A-8 kit to a Fw 190 A-9 or a late Fw 190 A-8. See chart below.

Most A-9s and late A-8s also were equipped with a blown canopy and alternate propeller, EP#45-32, EP#46-32 or EP#47-32. Check your references to determine required part.

Fw 190 A-8 early Fw 190 A-8 late Fw 190 A9

Engine BMW 801 D-2 BMW 801 TU BMW 801 TS
Cooling fan 12 bladed 14 bladed 14 bladed
Armored cowl ring 6.5 mm 10 mm 10 mm