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Uschi 4015 - Blitzroller
Uschi 4015 - Blitzroller
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Contents of kit include the following:

  • 10x rolls of solvent resistant foam
  • 1x handle
  • 1x magnetic tube (preventing the roll from sliding off the handle during use)
  • 1x cleaning sieve
  • 1x AMMO Anti-slip paste FINE AMIG2034

1) Purpose

Application of paint and/or comparable media (such as putty or texturing paste) using a paint roller.

1.1) Applicable Media

- Oil paint
- Enamel paint
- Putty
- Texture media (anti-slip by AMMO)
- Water effect liquids

1.2) Primary Effects

- Distorted paint applied with a roller (camouflage, certain paint schemes)
- Even coats of texture media (anti-slip, paint)

1.3) Secondary Effects

- underlaying irregular coat of paint for weathering effects
- underlaying irregular coat of paint for subtle 3D effects