Barracuda BC-48007 - P-40K Warhawks, Part 1
Barracuda BC-48007 - P-40K Warhawks, Part 1
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Curtiss P-40K Warhawk “White 13”

64th FS/57th FG. Flown by 1st Lieutenant Robert Johnson ‘Jay’ Overcash
Based at Hadi Main, Tunisia. May, 1943.
Overcash final score was 5 victories, the last two flying White 13 on April 26th,1944, while escorting USAAF B-25s and RAF Baltimores on a bombing mission. Finished in very worn and matt AAF Sand over Neutral Gray, from being scoured by the abrasive desert sand. Area behind rear glass panels could be faded OD or Sand. Spinner is a dull red, rectangle on fin and rudder behind serial number is Olive Drab. Prop blades black with 4” yellow tips. Mainwheel hubs appear to be upper surface color.

Curtiss P-40K Warhawk “White 161”
75th FS/23rd FG. Flown by Captain John F. Hampshire Jr.
Based at Kweilin, China. Mid April 1943
Hampshire was a 13 kill ace. Sadly, after downing his last enemy plane on May 2, 1943, his aircraft crashed into the Siang River. Finished in weathered Dark Green and Dark Earth over Light Gray (DuPont equivalents). Note fuselage national insignia and serial on fin and rudder painted out in fresh Dark Green. Wheel masks are provided to paint pinwheel design on hubs. Note ring and bead sight and rearview mirror.

Curtiss P-40K-1 Warhawk “White 171”
75th FS/23rd FG; Flown by Major Elmer Richardson
Hengyang, China. Late 1943
Elmer Richardson scored eight victories between April 1 and Dec. 12, 1943, and completed his combat tour as the commanding officer of the 75th FS with the rank of major. He made a career in the USAF and retired as a colonel. This P-40K is finished in sun faded Olive Drab over Neutral Gray. Note areas of darker, fresh OD on the rear fuselage and tail. Spinner is OD with a white tip. Wheel hubs are Neutral Gray with a white outer ring. Note DF Football behind canopy, second set of droptank shackles, rearview mirror, and extended trim tab on rudder.

Curtiss P-40K-1 Warhawk “White 29”
7th FS/ 49th FG; Flown by 2nd Lieutenant Arland Stanton
Port Moresby, New Guinea. March 1943
Stanton was an ace with 5 victories. His first was on November 23, 1942 and his last was on February 6, 1944. This P-40K is finished in weathered Dark Green and Dark Earth over Light Gray (DuPont equivalents). Spinner is OD with a blue tip. Blades are black with 4” yellow tips. Wheel hubs are Neutral Gray. Note ring and bead sight.