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Speed Hunter 32008 - Big Scale Hogs
Speed Hunter 32008 - Big Scale Hogs
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Finally a sheet designed for the impressive Trumpeter A-10. This sheet contains extensive markings and stencil details for two complete jets (one each in two-tone gray or earlier Euro 1 paint schemes). Additional stencils are included for the LITENING targeting pod carried by ANG and AFRC jets, as well as ejection seat decals.

Printed by Cartograf

Markings options include a staggering 15 jets!

  • A-10A 77-0205, 926TFG New Orleans, Operation Desert Storm 1991, nose art on both sides of nose. 'Chopper Popper'
  • A-10C 78-0633, 124FW, Idaho ANG, Operation Inherent Resolve, December 2016 Massive amount of mission markings.
  • A-10A 78-0642, 104FW, Massachusetts ANG, 131st Fighter Squadron flagship, December 2005, Iraqi Freedom mission markings
  • A-10A 79-0136, 926FW New Orleans, Operation Enduring Freedom, April 2005
  • A-10A 79-0158, 354FW Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, Operation Desert Storm 1991
  • A-10C 79-0189, 74FS, 23Wg, Moody AFB, GA, May 2016
  • A-10C 81-0953, 74FS, 23Wg, Moody AFB, GA, Operation Enduring Freedom 2012
  • A-10A 81-0964, 74FS, 23Wg, Moody AFB, GA, March 2006 Helo Killer
  • A-10A 81-0964, 21FS, 363FW, Shaw AFB, SC, 1993 Helo killer
  • A-10A 81-0964 21FS, 507ACW, Shaw AFB SC, 1992 507th Air Control Wing flagship Helo Killer
  • A-10C 80-0265, 127Wg, Michigan ANG, 127th Wing flagship May 2016
  • A-10C 81-0975, 127wg, Michigan ANG, Operation Inherent Resolve November 2015 Massive amount of mission markings
  • A-10C 81-0992, 81FS Spangdahlem AB, Germany, led final 4-ship from Spang, May 2013
  • A-10A 82-0646, 103FW, Connecticut ANG, September 2005 Iraqi Freedom mission markings