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Model Monkey - Tiger and Panther Maybach HL230 P30 Motor (1/35 scale)
Model Monkey - Tiger and Panther Maybach HL230 P30 Motor (1/35 scale)
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This two-part model kit represents the Maybach HL230 P30 motor used during World War Two by German heavy tanks including:

  • Tiger I
  • King Tiger (Tiger II, Royal Tiger, Königstiger)
  • Panther
  • Jagdpanther
  • Jagdtiger
  • early Sturmtigers (Sturmmörserwagen)

This 3D-printed model is not a 3D-printed copy of any plastic model kit's parts. Therefore, it may be sized and shaped differently from your plastic kit's engine. Some adjustment to your plastic kit's parts may be necessary for best fit. 3D-printed acrylic plastic is brittle. Care is recommended during assembly and handling.

This 3D-printed motor is designed from scans of original Maybach factory drawings entitled "French Army studies of captured equipment, 1945: General Arrangement Drawings HL230 P30", in the possession of the bureau d'études de l'Atelier d'Issy-les-MoulineauX (AMX). There were several minor variations among these motors. This design follows the configuration as drawn by Maybach.

These parts are made of acrylic plastic. Cyanoacrylate (CA) "super glue" is recommended. Acrylic plastic does not behave like injection-molded polystyrene plastic or other resins. Glue for polystyrene plastic, like "Testors Liquid Cement" or tube cement, will not work with acrylic plastic.

From Wikipedia: "The Maybach HL230 was a water-cooled 60° 23 liter V12 gasoline engine designed by Maybach. It was used during World War II in heavy German tanks, namely the Panther, Jagdpanther, Tiger II, Jagdtiger (HL230 P30), and later versions of the Tiger I and Sturmtiger (HL230 P45)....The engine was a follow-up version of the slightly smaller HL210 that had a displacement of 21 liters and, unlike the HL230, an aluminium crankcase and block. The HL210 was used to equip the first 250 Tiger I tanks built.

"The engine had a volume of 23,095 cm³ (approx. 1,925 cm³ per cylinder) and a maximum output of 700 PS (690 hp, 515 kW) at 3,000 rpm. Maximum torque is 1850 Nm at 2,100 rpm. Typical output was 600 PS (592 hp, 441 kW) at 2,500 rpm.

"The crankcase and block were made of cast grey iron. The cylinder heads were made from cast-iron. The engine weighs 1200 kg and its dimensions were 1000 x 1190 x 1310 mm. Aspiration was provided by four twin-choke Solex type 52JFF carburettors. As was typical practice for Maybach, the engine used a tunnel crankshaft.

"Approximately 9,000 HL230s were produced in total by Maybach, Auto Union and Daimler-Benz."