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Caracal CD48231 - RF-4C Recce Phantoms - Part 1
Caracal CD48231 - RF-4C Recce Phantoms - Part 1
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This decal sheet is professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

The RF-4C Phantom, a reconnaissance variant of the iconic F-4C fighter, played a crucial role in the USAF's tactical aerial reconnaissance during its service life. In USAF service, the RF-4C served in bases around the world and captured invaluable intelligence in conflict zones from the Vietnam War era through to the Gulf War. Notably adept at high-speed, low-altitude missions, the RF-4C excelled in its role and was a key component in various USAF squadrons.

This decal set with nine unique options celebrates the distinguished history of the RF-4C Recce Phantoms. The markings options on this decal sheet are:

  • RF-4C 65-0905 "Tumbleweed", 11st TRS, Udorn RTAFB
  • RF-4C 64-1006. 30th TRS, RAF Alconbury
  • RF-4C 65-0927, 10th TRW, RAF Alconbury
  • RF-4C 63-7760 "City of Seymour"
  • RF-4C 64-1081, 165th TRS - Kentucky ANG
  • RF-4C 65-0886, 192nd TRS - Nevada ANG
  • RF-4C 63-7758, 160th TRS - Alabama ANG
  • RF-4C 68-0595, 91st TRS
  • RF-4C 68-0567 "Starize", 1st TRS, RAF Alconbury

Accurate stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included. The stencilling sheet included in this set is also available as a separate product (Caracal Models Basics CDB48012).