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Caracal CD48223 - F-111D Aardvark
Caracal CD48223 - F-111D Aardvark
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This decal sheet is professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

The F-111D was intended to be a significant advancement of the basic F-111A. This variant of the F-111 family incorporated state-of-the-art avionics which proved to be difficult to maintain during the early years of its service history. Once the initial reliability problems were solved and the systems were refined, the F-111D offered unparalleled navigation and targeting capabilities for its time, and remained as a pivotal asset in the USAF until its retirement.

Almost all F-111D Aardvarks were based at Cannon AFB, assigned to the three squadrons of 27 TFW on the base. In this set, Caracal provides fourteen marking options for this important F-111 variant.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • F-111D 68-0122, 522 FS commander's jet
  • F-111D 68-0123, 523 FS commander's jet
  • F-111D 68-0124, 524 TFTS commander's jet
  • F-111D 68-0122, 523 FS commander's jet
  • F-111D 68-0111, marked "111D"
  • F-111D 68-0127 "City of Clovis", 27TFW commander's jet
  • F-111D 68-0108, 522 FS
  • F-111D 68-0117, 523 FS
  • F-111D 68-0134, 524 TFTS
  • F-111D 68-0164 "City of Clovis"
  • F-111D 68-0165, RAAF and ROKAF zaps
  • F-111D 68-0159, 522 TFS (later overall gray scheme)
  • F-111D 68-0180, 523 TFS (later overall gray scheme)
  • F-111D 68-0118, 422nd TES

Accurate stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included.