Caracal CD48186 - F-105B/D Thunderchief
Caracal CD48186 - F-105B/D Thunderchief
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This sheet was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

The F-105 Thunderchief, affectionately known as the "Thud," held a prominent position in the USAF fleet from the late 1950s through the 1980s. With its robust design and remarkable strike capabilities, the F-105 played a vital role in various combat scenarios and strategic missions, leaving an indelible mark on aviation history. Renowned for its rugged appearance and impressive payload capacity, the F-105 was primarily utilized for ground attack missions, particularly during the tumultuous years of the Vietnam War. Its ability to carry a substantial array of munitions made it a go-to choice for delivering precision strikes on enemy targets. In many ways, the F-105 symbolized the USAF's dedication to maintaining air superiority and effective tactical operations during a pivotal period in global conflicts.

This comprehensive decal set showcases an assortment of sixteen (16) distinct marking options that pay homage to the Cold War era F-105B/D Thunderchiefs employed by active duty units, as well as the select few Guard units entrusted with operating this iconic aircraft.

The sixteen options on this decal sheet are:

  • YF-105B 54-0102
  • F-105B 57-5830, New Jersey ANG
  • F-105B 57-0787, New Jersey ANG
  • F-105D 58-1158, 4th TFW
  • F-105D 60-0496, 36th TFW
  • F-105D 61-0106, 49th TFW
  • F-105D 62-4234
  • F-105D 58-1168 "Betty's Boy"
  • F-105D 62-4338 "Alice's Joy" (Lt Col Jack Broughton's jet)
  • F-105D 61-0159 "Have Gun Will Travel / Honeypot II"
  • F-105D 61-0041, District of Columbia ANG
  • F-105D Thunderstick II 60-0471 (with Luftwaffe "zap")
  • F-105D Thunderstick II 61-0074
  • F-105D Thunderstick II 61-0096
  • F-105D 62-0299 F-105D 62-0301 "My Karma"

Accurate stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included.