1/48  British P-40 B/C Detail Special
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This special offer includes 5 different British P-40 B/C detail sets as shown below for the Airfix A05130 & similar kits.  For more photos and information, click on the photos to view the individual product page.

MAM48136 - Curtiss P-40 B/C British Version Browning .303 cal, British Type Pitot Tube and Etched Gunsights

48154 (Ultracast) - Curtiss P-40 Wheels Smooth Style (30" x 10" for all variants except P-40N)

48257 (Ultracast) - P-40 Tomahawk Early Square Back Seat with British Sutton Harness
(Suitable for early war RAF, RAAF, SAAF Tomahawks)

48266 (Ultracast) - Curtiss P-40B/C Tubular Exhausts

48268 (Ultracast) - P-40B Aluminum Prop & Spinner (Curtiss 11' dia. Blade 89301-3)