1/32  Wood 1 - Airbrush Stencil
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Create realistic wood grain patterns with an airbrush. This allows for the creation of any kinds of wood, such as freshly varnished wood, old grey wood, stained wood or even scorched wood.

Instructions for Applying Stencil

Apply a base colour.

Mask the area.

Place the mask on top of the panel.  Spray a light mist of a darker colour.

The finished result.  Repeat the above steps for the adjacent panels.

This is a generic radiator mesh suitable for scale 1/32 aircraft. It can be cut to size and used to replace plastic kit radiator parts that are often inaccurate or overscale. Unlike generic woven meshes, this will not unravel when cut.

This radiator mesh can be used to simulate radiators fitted with wavy heat exchangers on ducts and features 22 wave-shaped fins per 10mm.

65x45mm, stainless steel. This can be dulled with a light coat of clear matt varnish to replicate the aluminum look of real radiators.

Manufacturer:  RB Productions RB-T028 Photo Etched Aircraft Parts, Accessories & Decals