1/32  British Streamline Wire - 4BA
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These were the finest size of wire used on British biplanes.

Suitable for all RFC, RNAS and RAF aircraft, as well as British export aircraft.

This is the 4BA streamline wire used on British biplanes.  The wires are made from stainless steel. The dimensions of these wires are in accordance with British Standard Specifications BSS6W3 (Streamline Wires).

The pack contains 32 wires, each 200mm long, a total of 6.4 metres of wire.

Please consult the rigging diagrams relevant to your model to assess where these wires are needed. I recommend "British Military Aircraft of World War One - The Official Technical and Rigging Notes for RFC and RNAS Fighting and Training Aeroplanes, 1914 - 1918" by John Tanner (editor), J. M. Bruce, et al. Arms & Armour Press, 1976, ISBN 0853682615

NOTE: Your model may also need 1/4"BSF, 9/32"BSF and 2BA wires.

Manufacturer:  RB Productions RB-P32015 Photo Etched Aircraft Parts, Accessories and Decals