1/32  Luftwaffe Seatbelts - Late-War (Olive Green) - Orlon
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Orlon (Ersatz) seatbelts. This type of seatbelts using a synthetic material called Orlon was introduced late in the war. There is at least one record of this type of seatbelt being used on the FW190D9 but they were also used on other aircraft such as Me262, Bf109 or He162.

Very easy to use. No painting needed, just remove the pre-cut belts from the backing paper, thread them though the buckles and fit them to your model.

The straps can be set to whatever length you need, just as on the real thing.

The set includes one sheet of photo etched parts with the buckles and clasps, one set of pre-cut paper straps (olive green), two types of pre-cut lab-belt padding (brown and green) and a detailed assembly guide.

Suitable for any type of German-manufactured aircraft towards the end of World War 2.

Manufacturer:  RB Productions RB-P320062 Photo Etched Aircraft Parts, Accessories & Decals