1/48  AWACS Conversion for Ar 234C
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This conversion set includes 2 parts. Some assembly is required but comprehensive, well illustrated instructions and painting guide are included to leave no guess work to the modeler. A lot of effort was put into the development of this kit to make it as easy to build and accurate as possible. The AWACS conversion fits the Revell 1/48 scale Ar 234C kit (aircraft model sold separately).

In order to increase the effectiveness of the Luftwaffe night fighting force a new role was studied for the Ar 234C.

A FuG 240/4 Bremen early warning radar set was to be carried with the scanner enclosed in a 1.5 meter rotating disc. A detection range of up to 8 km was hoped for. Only a 1/10 scale model was tested in the DVL wind tunnel at Berlin-Adlershof in early 1945. But even as a project, it is significant as a precursor of today's AWACS aircraft.

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