1/48  Convert Fw 190 A-5 and Later Series
with Corrected Rudder and Tin Tip
$15.95 (Canadian Funds)

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EagleParts #15-48 - Fw 190 A-5 and later series corrected rudder and fin tip Included in this kit: 7 ribbed corrected rudder and fin tip. With a more detailed and correctly designed 7 ribbed rudder for the Fw 190 A-5 through A-9 series, the F series and the Dora series, this rudder assembly will correct the Tamiya Fw 190 A kits. Some early Fws were retrofitted with the solid wheel installed on A-7 and later versions. The rudder can also be used on the Dora series, simply discard the fin tip if modeling the D series.

Manufacturer:  Eagle Editions EP 15-48 Resin Aircraft Accessories, Conversions and Decals