1/48  Tail Tip Correction Kit
Convert Fw 190 A-3 to A-4
$19.95 (Canadian Funds)

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Included in this kit: Corrected rudder, converted fin tip, optional cooling louvers and optional armored head rest.

This set is designed to convert Tamiya's 1/48th Fw 190 A-3 to a Fw 190 A-4. Early Fw 190 A-4s were distinguishable from the A-3 version only by the new fin tip modified to incorporate a post for the antenna wire. Later Fw 190 A-4s were the first production versions to incorporate adjustable louvers in the engine air outlet panel that became a standard set-up for later variants, as well as enlarged head armor for the pilot. Parts are included to convert the Tamiya kit to either an early or late Fw 190 A-4, as well as a replacement rudder that improves upon the kit rudder. Some early Fws were retrofitted with the solid wheel installed on A-7 and later versions.

Manufacturer:  Eagle Editions EP 14-48 Resin Aircraft Accessories, Conversions and Decals