1/32  Fw 190 A-6 through A-9 Outboard
20 mm and 30 mm Cannon Fairings
(Hasegawa Fw 190 A kit)
$16.95 (Canadian Funds)


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Included in this kit:  two fairings (without barrels)


Above:  the original part from which the master was patterned for the resin part.

Beginning with the Fw 190 A-6, the MG 151 20 mm cannons were introduced in the outboard wing position. A prominent fairing was necessary for this new installation. Unfortunately, the 1/32nd kit does not accurately reproduce this cannon fairing. This resin part, patterned after an original, is correct for both the 20 mm outboard cannon and the MK 108 30 mm cannon for the A-8/R2 variant. The hole is slightly bigger for the larger caliber.

Manufacturer:  Eagle Editions EP 56-32 Resin Aircraft Accessories, Conversions and Decals