1/32  Fw 190 A-8 Cockpit
(fits Hasegawa kits)
$55.95 (Canadian Funds)

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Included in this kit:  Resin cockpit and photo etched parts.

This resin set is designed to completely replace the plastic kit parts of Hasegawa's 1/32 scale Fw 190 A-8, kit number ST 21. The parts included with this set represent a typical Fw 190 A-8 cockpit. The master patterns were created from factory manuals, and detailed photos of a late war surrendered aircraft. The cockpit represented here is typical of a standard Fw 190 A-8. While we would have liked to make this set a "drop-in" replacement for the kit parts, the extensive nature of the ACCURATE details in this resin set necessitates some modification to the kit fuselage parts. We feel that the end results are well worth the extra work. Also note that there is extra detailing to be found behind the seat area, which is difficult to see from the cockpit side.

Manufacturer:  Eagle Editions EP 51-32 Resin Aircraft Accessories, Conversions and Decals