1/32  Bf 109 G-6, G-10 and G-14 Battery Box
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This set is designed to replace and enhance the details provided in Hasegawa’s 1/32 scale Bf 109 G-6, G-10 and G-14 kits where needed.

To supply a brief additional boost of power to the Bf 109, one of the systems installed was MW 50. This was a 50/50 combination of methanol and water injected directly into the supercharger supplying an instantaneous burst of power. The 114 litre tank was installed inside the fuselage behind the cockpit.

As this was not in the original Bf 109 design, something had to be relocated. The battery was moved to a new location behind the pilot, into a box on the angled bulk head at the rear of the cockpit. The thought of the battery breaking loose and becoming a projectile in the case of a crash landing did not set well with many pilots.

Machines equipped with MW 50 boost can be identified by the port side octane triangle indicating the required C-3 96 octane fuel and the distinctive MW 50 triangle next to the starboard filler access panel. Also the battery box can be seen at the rear of the cockpit.

This system can be seen on Bf 109 G-6, G-10 and G-14 types. The K-4 was redesigned to eliminate this battery box extending into the cockpit.

This resin kit including battery box, canopy locking device and anchor point for the canopy holding wire was patterned after close-up period photos. Of course be aware there are variations.


Manufacturer:  Eagle Editions EP 22-32 Resin Aircraft Accessories, Conversions and Decals