1/48  AC-47 "Spooky"
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The AC-47 was an armed derivative of the venerable C-47 "Dakota" transport. Deployed in Vietnam to great effect, the "Spooky" pioneered the development and use of the dedicated gunship concept, which remains a vital part of US air operations until today. Caracal's decal sheet for the Spooky covers a wide variety of aircraft, starting with the earliest examples to the aircraft passed on to foreign air arms after the type was phased out in 1969.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • FC-47D 43-48579 "Puff (The Magic Dragon)", 1st ACS, 1964
  • FC-47D 43-48491 "Get-Em Bullitt", 1st ACS, 1965
  • AC-47D 43-49274 , 4th ACS, Bien Hoa AB, 1966
  • AC-47D 43-49010 , 4th SOS (432 TRW), Udorn AB, 1967
  • AC-47D 44-76722 , 4th ACS, Pleiku AB, 1967
  • AC-47D 44-76722 , 3rd SOS, 1968
  • AC-47D 43-48263 , Royal Laotian Air Force, 1969
  • AC-47D 43-48916 , 4412 CCTS, 1971
Full stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included.

This sheet was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

Manufacturer:  Caracal Models CD48083 Decals