1/48  Air National Guard F-4C/D, Part 2
$15.95 (Canadian Funds)

Quantity in Stock:  5 Decals printed by Cartograf

This decal sheet features markings for several colorful Phantoms from the early 1980s when the Phantom was the primary fighter in ANG service.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • F-4C 63-7514, 171 FIS, Michigan ANG
  • F-4C 63-7576, 171 FIS, Michigan ANG
  • F-4C 64-0658, 123 FIS, Oregon ANG
  • F-4D 64-0949, 178 FIS, North Dakota ANG
  • F-4C 64-0914, 199 FIS, Hawaii ANG
This sheet was designed to fit the upcoming Academy F-4C kit, but will work wit h the existing accurate Phantom kits from Hasegawa and Revell/Monogram as well. A separate, second sheet includes enough stencilling for one ANG Phantom in the overall ADC Grey scheme, including walkways.

Both the main markings and stencilling sheets are professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

Manufacturer:  Caracal Models CD48036 Decals