1/48  Air National Guard A-10C, Part 2
Arkansas & Michigan ANG
$15.95 (Canadian Funds)


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Caracal's second decal sheet for the A-10 features four more options for the recently upgraded A-10C version of the venerable Warthog. The options on this sheet are: 

  • A-10C 80-0188, 188 FW, Arkansas ANG (commander's aircraft)
  • A-10C 78-0614, 188 FW, Arkansas ANG
  • A-10C 79-0193, 127 FW, Michigan ANG
  • A-10C 80-0255, 127 FW, Michigan ANG
The fierce Warthog nose-art used by the 188th FW has changed somewhat over the years, and our sheet provides both styles. This sheet includes full and accurate stencilling and national insignia for one A-10C.

This decal sheet is professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

Manufacturer:  Caracal Models CD48034 Decals