1/48  U.S. Marines AV-8A/C Harrier
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This Harrier sheet provides no fewer than 11 marking choices for the early AV-8A/C Harriers used by the US Marine Corps. The options on this comprehensive sheet are: 

  • AV-8A BuNo. 158703 (flight test scheme w/orange panels
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158702, VMA-231 (temporary winter camouflage)
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, USS Roosevelt
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159256, VMA-231, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158967, VMA-542, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158950, VMA-542, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158976, VMA-513, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159368, VMAT-203, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159252, VMAT-203, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158975, VMA-513 Det. A, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158966, VMA-513 Det. B, high-vis scheme


This sheet includes full and accurate stencilling and national insignia for one AV-8A/C in low or high visibility schemes.

Like most of Caracal's products, this decal sheet is professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

Manufacturer:  Caracal Models CD48027 Decals