1/48  Spitfire Mk I thru VI Stencils
$8.95 (Canadian Funds)

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This sheet provides two complete sets of stencils for the Mk. I through Mk. VI Spitfires. These decals are crisply printed and very thin, and are a real improvement over the stencils found in most kits of the single stage Merlin Spitfires. They feature full walkway markings and stripes, bonding markings, as well as 2 different versions of the hard-to-find cockpit access flap stencil. There are also prop markings for the 3-blade Rotol props as well as the 4-blade prop fitted to the Mk. VI. A quick and cheap way to make your Spitfire models look even better.
Manufacturer:  Barracuda BCS48-002 Resin Aircraft Accessories, Conversions & Decals