1/48  Meteor Small Bore Intakes
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A quick and easy upgrade for Classic Airframes' extremely nice and accurate kits of the postwar marks of the Gloster Meteor in 1/48. They can be adapted to work on the beautiful Aeroclub vac kits. Small bore intakes for the early Derwent powered Meteors were fitted to the following Meteors:

Mk. 4
Early F.8
Early T.7
Some NF.11-14 Nightfighters
Some TT.20s.

If in doubt, study photos of the aircraft you intend to model to see which intakes were fitted. These seamless resin intakes are a direct replacement for the kit parts . The intakes are based on careful measurements of actual intakes and are a big improvement over the kit parts as they are seamless and cast with an accurate intake throat not represented in the kit. Note that these sets were originally available a number of years ago under the Cooper Details banner, and have been brought back by popular demand. Mastered by Lee Coll and Roy Sutherland

Manufacturer:  Barracuda BR48008 Resin Aircraft Accessories, Conversions & Decals