1/24  Focke-Wulf Fw190A Instrument Panel Decals
$12.95 (Canadian Funds)

Quantity in Stock:  2  

Each set includes:

-    Fully detailed Etched Brass Instrument Panel component for upper & lower panel

-    Optional bezels for Early & Late Artificial Horizon types

-    Panels have holes for the addition of switches, knobs & levers (not included)

-    High quality, one-piece, full colour Instrument panel decals

-    Includes a small sheet of optically clear replacement simulated instrument glass

-    Assembly instructions & ‘how to‘ tips

-    A simple addition to kit parts with true scale appearance and layout (kit part will need detail removed from face)

Manufacturer:  Airscale AS24 FWA Cockpit Instrument Decals and Placards