1/35  WWII British Empire Steel Munition Boxes
P59 Mk II
$7.95 (CDN Funds) each

Contents of kit shown above.  Five boxes are included in set.

These ammunition boxes are seen in period photos as extra stowage on various allied armoured vehicles.  These boxes are easily distinguishable from other boxes by the distinct pattern on the lid and sides.

Some typical uses of this box are:

          - 25 Pdr Projectiles (4 per box)
          - No. 68 Grenades (17 per box)
          - 1-1/4 Pd Hand Incendiary Bombs (24 per box)

Above photo shows the box in our collection which all measurements were based on.  The photo shows the original WWII colour of the box.  This colour was used on the inside and outside of the box, and is very close to Modelmaster Euro Dark Green No. 1764.

The British standard service colour was changed some time in 1944 to No. 2 Camouflage Brown.  From late 1944 onward, both colours (Dark Bronze Green and No. 2 Camouflage Brown) could be found in service.

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