1/72 scale F-16 Decals
Eagle Strike
ES72078 1/72 - F-16 Worldwide Markings
50th Anniversary of 315 "Lion" Squadron at Twenthe AB

ES72083 1/72 - F-16 Worldwide Markings
"Cold Steel" of the 175th Fighter Squadron,
South Dakota ANG
ZTZ72001 1/72 - FA-122 F-16AM
31 Sqd, based at Kleine-Brogel, Belgium.
Tiger Meet 2002 held at Beja, Portugal.

ZTZ72002 1/72 - FA-61 F-16AM
Special markings for the dismantling of the 10th Wing, 23rd Sqd, Kleine-Brogel, Belgium.
"I'll be back" slogan was placed in as a hope that one day the unit will be reactivated.

ZTZ72003 1/72 - FA-112 F-16AM
85th Anniversary of 1st Sqd.
RECCEMEET 2003, Florennes, Belgium.
July 31, 2003.

ZTZ72021 1/72 - F-16C Block 30 Viper, Jason Sqd. 40,000 Hrs Anniversary Special Markings

ZTZ72022 1/72 - Koninklijke Luchtmacht 313 San., 50 Years Anniversary